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World Deaf Match is designed and dedicated to helping deaf singles find long- term, satisfying relationship. Our intelligent matchmaking system deliveres compatible suggestion to users that fall in line with their personal search preferences.

All profiles are verified to ensure a safe and enjoyable enviriment where deaf singles can come together and find love. At  World Deaf Match, you can be assured that there are many people working to bring you the best possible experience to help you start your relationship finding journey. From profile verifaction to keeping personal information safe and secure, we are dedicated to your satifaction in finding your true love. As always our customer care team is available to answer any question to assist you on your journey




World Deaf Match presents you with potential match based on a combination of factor and defined search preferences. We maintain the highest standards when it comes to verifying profiles, removing inactive members and those who we perceive as not being serious whent it comes to finding True Love. This means members have a better chance of finding people who they match with and can date

The demographics we cosider are gender, age, location, professional and level of education. We find that these matching criteria have been sucessful in matching people who are truly compatible. We also use personality variables to match people with those who won't clash when it comes to how they interact with one another

About Us

World deaf Match is designed & dedicated to helping singles find long-term, satisfying relationships. Our intelligent matchmaking system delivers compatible suggestions to users that fall in line with their personal search preferences

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    • Express Interests: 50 Times
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